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Balance and Flow Maps

5 minute read

Heatmaps are an excellent tool for visualizing data with a two dimensional spatial component. They are frequently used to map out player deaths in shooter ga...

Game Review Scores - Part II

2 minute read

In Part I we looked at review scores in isolation. When we combine review score data with sales data some interesting patterns emerge. This section includes ...

Game Review Scores - Part I

2 minute read

Studies have shown that a good review score can propel a game’s reputation. However, with such a large amount of data available, the two review aggregation s...


less than 1 minute read

Download Zeo.NET Requires .NET 4.0

Sky Limited Exposure

1 minute read

One of the fun technical challenges in astrophotography is the meticulous attention to detail that you must apply to every step. One of these details is corr...